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Almond MIlk

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1 cup Almonds with skins still on

2 cups boiling water

1-1/2 tsp Pure Vanilla Extract

3 Tbs  Honey or Maple Syrup

Up to 2 liters of cold water (without chlorine)

Directions:     For 2 liters of milk

• Put 1 cup of almonds into a 2-cup measure.

• Fill the measuring cup with boiling water.

• Allow the almonds to soak, preferably overnight,

• Drain. Pour hot water over the almonds then roll the almonds between your fingers; the skins should pop off.

• Put the peeled almonds in the blender with 2 cups of cold (chlorine-free) water.

• Run the blender at least five minutes.

• Place the jelly bag into the top of the pitcher and secure it, pour in the almond milk.

• Squeeze the jelly bag to get the liquid out.

• Put the pulp back into the blender with two more cups of cold water and repeat the process.

• After the third blending pour some of your almond milk back into the blender and add 1-1/2 tsp. pure Vanilla extract and 3 Tbs Honey or Maple Syrup while blending.

• Return the sweetened milk back into the pitcher and top it up with cold water.

• Save the pulp for baking in cookies and cakes.


Stir before serving, as some of the residual pulp and sweetener settles to the bottom.