Circle Dancing on the Lawn

A 2006 picture of Richard and Angeles wedding promenade led by Brita Atkinson of the Findhorn Foundation.A perfect day for a celebration!

Entertaining for a Delightful Evening

Music makingEvery so often we get out our guitars and have a sing-a-long. Amazing what talents we have.

The Solar Shower Building Crew

What delightful souls showed up to create the structure that now house a shower and two wash basin's with fairly hot water as long as we have a sunny day.This was built in the summer of 2010 by 3 ladies and several men. Richard and Doug oversaw the training to these budding builders.

Fry Creek Canyon Bridge


A world-renowned hiking trail, approximately 45 minutes from the Retreat Center. Hike down to the lake through a fairy dell or up into the mountains into pristine forest.

Building Projects

porch building.The new front porch is under construction for the main lodge at the retreat center. It was part of a timber framing workshop in 2015.

Angéle in the garden

angele-veggiesWhat an amazing year it was to harvest broccoli, kale and zucchini. We grate lots of zucchini’s for our crustless quiche and use all the kale we grow as it is so nutritious. Recipes are listed in the Johnson’s Landings Retreat Center’s Cookbook Cook’s Corner.

Dining on the Deck

a-mealIt is great to eat on the patio out in the fresh air. The buffet is inside through the screen door.

View of the Retreat from across the Lake

JLRC-across-lakeThe Retreat Center is near the patches in the trees. The one nearest the canyon is a clear cut but the rest are farm land where the land has no trees. We are at the edge of one furthest up into the mountains.