A Vision for the Future

One of the long-term goals for the Johnson’s Landing Retreat Center is to continue the evolution of becoming a non-denominational Spiritual community focused around the development of Body, Mind & Spirit. We are looking for hard working people that could see themselves in a life of service to the ongoing development of this vision.

“…work is Love in action”

At this point in time the educational Retreat Centre part is well under way, with an established  reputation for high-quality affordable learning opportunities. Step two in this process is to gather people with enthusiasm to develop of a Holistic Community that can live in an spiritual and environmentally conscious way, being an example to those who come here.

We ask anyone who thinks that they would like to investigate this life style to take our Center Life Program which is available May through November. This first step will allow you to find out who we are and what it is like to live at the Retreat Centre. After the one week Center Life Program you could stay on as an volunteer. As a volunteer your meals and accommodation are provided. Usually volunteers stay in a private caravan but we have other options.

We do not have ‘paid’ positions, per se but after you have been here for two months you will be eligible for a stipend. We are looking for long term community members as there are many opportunities in all aspects of running the Centre including building, gardening and cooking that need a focalizer.

We are looking for people that are alcohol, drug and tobacco free. It would help to be in good physical condition, have a positive attitude and enjoy life in the country.
A sense of your own inner Spirituality and a connection with nature would be an asset. We do require honesty, a willingness to work on personal issues and to be of community service.

If the above information resonates with you, please email or call us to investigate the possibilities for your future as a part of a team of people dedicated to advancing consciousness.

Background on the Founders:


Richard Ortega was a high school shop teacher who taught automobile mechanics. After the death of his Mother, he pledged to leave the world a little better place. In 1998 he and Carol Ann, his wife at the time, purchased the Golden Eagle Retreat Center. In June of the same year he celebrate his 50th birthday and the start of a new life. Carol Ann was into metaphysics and meditation and they figured they would make a good team, offering the public a place to retreat where nature heals. After four years she left suddenly and Richard was left with the largest retreat of 2001 featuring Dorothy Mclean, one of the founders of the Findhorn Foundation. Supported by the magic of the universe, everyone who was needed showed up to help prepare the grounds, lodging and food and the retreat was a success!

Next spring, once the new program was printed in Penticton, he called Angéle who was the publisher of Issues Magazine and asked if she could pick up the new programs. Angéle agreed and afterwards Richard took her out to dinner. She had placed an ad in her magazine as the Soul Mates column needed at least one ad to keep it going. After dinner Richard picked up a copy of Issues and flipped to the soul mates page, pointed and asked… Is this YOU? Speechless, Angéle checked with her angels who said.. speak the truth. Richard asked for a date but Angéle was busy and Richard needed to get back to MIdway, where he was teaching at the time. Angéle had two astrologers read comparison charts to make sure this was a good match and understand if there were any hidden agenda’s. Around Easter of 2002 the date was arranged. A year later, using her angels guidance, she sold her two commercial building on Ellis Street in Penticton and moved to the Retreat Center. She had always been interested in the spirit of community living and spent time in the 1990’s visiting various ones, wondering why some failed and some succeeded.

Over the last ten years she had learned much and continues to support the original intention to create a foundation, similar to Findhorn Foundation in Scotland, which just celebrated its 50th anniversary. Angéle and Richard spent two weeks there in 2006, working and learning what they could, during their honeymoon.

Angéle continues to publish the regional magazine just once a year  now that she established in 1990, empowering others to be all they can be. She is grateful to the Naramata Center for the 25 years she was able to host the Spring Festival of Awareness and Wise Women’s Festival, which are now being held annually at the Johnson’s Landing Retreat Center. Before that she was a mom and worked as a lifeguard, teaching adult education classes at night in Sewing and Quilting. Visit Issues Magazine if you want to read the magazine or her blog called Musings. On ongoing blog since 1990 and features many homesteading images from her early years living in Rosswood, in northern BC with her 6 brothers and Grand Dad.