Keep the Vision Going

If you have time for an extended stay at the Retreat Centre we would love to hear from you. In exchange for your volunteer time we provide vegetarian meals, accommodations and if the timing is right you can attend early morning or evening activities of the various workshops. Angéle does yoga on a semi-regular basis which you are welcome to join in and we do make time to meditate, as we have a Sacred Space, but life is full and Angèle and Richard often have computer work to do late into the evenings.

While here each member assists in a variety of activities which could include maintenance, housekeeping, food prep and gardening. This summer we hope to complete the dome, landscape a completed project and will do many things if we have lots of helping hands. We have six caravans on the upper property where volunteers stay. After two months of working with us, you will receive a monthly stipend and use of a car.

One of the long-term goals for the Johnson’s Landing Retreat Center is to continue the evolution of becoming a non-denominational spiritual community focused around the development of Body, Mind and Spirit.

In order to achieve this goal we are following in the footsteps of the famous Findhorn Foundation in Scotland with our guiding principle being that “…work is Love in Action.” Richard and Angéle were so impressed with Dorothy Mclean, one of the founders of Findhorn who presented workshops at the Retreat Center for five years that they had their honeymoon in Scotland in 2006, deepening there commitment “to be the change they wish to see in the world”

We are looking for people with enthusiasm… hard-working people that see themselves in a life of service to the ongoing development of a holistic community that lives in an environmentally conscious way, setting an example to those who come for retreats or want to learn a more authentic way of living.

If you want to jump right in, we ask 30 hours of work time, plus an hour a day cleaning up  or helping out before or after meals. We work five days a week with two days off.

If you would like to work less, we ask you take our Center Life Program which is working four hours a day, five days a week… kind of a working holiday. Cost is $25o for either one or two weeks which allows more free time to hike our beautiful valley that backs onto the Purcell Wilderness Conservancy Provincial Park or browse our indepth library. Please phone for availability. 1-250-366-4402 and chat with Angele or Richard.

This program is available year round but we especially need help, April through November as our organic garden goes into full production.

It would help to be in good physical condition, have a positive attitude, feel drawn to a life of service and enjoy living in the country. A connection with nature would be an asset as well as a sense of inner spirituality. We require honesty, a willingness to work on personal issues and a maturity that allows life to flow with ease.

We serve vegetarian food including eggs and milk products, grind organic flour to make delicious homemade cookies that are nutritious as well as great tasting and preserve much of what we grow. We are learning about the complexities of honey bees, harnessing the earth worm for greater yields of compost, and now have some chickens.

We expect people NOT to use alcohol, drugs or tobacco while here.

Please bring your own laptop. We do have an older computer that is shared for basic email use.

We have access to the wireless internet, and ask that use is moderate (no downloading of movies).

There is no cell phone reception but we have a land line that volunteers use and a pay phone in the yard.

We are still in the process of defining what a community membership looks like and need people who have the maturity to figure it out. We have 40 acres of land and a vision of turning the land into a Foundation so it can be preserved for future generations as a place to learn sustainability, organic gardening and eco-building using the Retreat Center as a way to earn an income, but  running a Retreat Center is not a money making process per se, it is a service we offer the world.

If this resonates with you, please email or call to investigate the possibilities for your future as a part of a team of people dedicated to advancing consciousness.