Kootenay Lake Tai Chi Camp

Hajime Naka, Bryan Knack and maybe Arnold Porter

August 10 - August 16, 2018

Kootenay Lake Tai Chi Camp

This is the 42 annual event held in the Kootenays. It was started by Eric Eastman and held at Camp Koolaree.

This is a 6 day event for the low price of $650 which includes camping, organic, vegetarian meals and your instruction. Beginners Welcome.

Qi Gong starts the day and an optional massage class ends the evenings.

Tai Chi is a beautiful art of flowing body movements. It is a system of body/mind exercise that will improve your health, energy level and relationships.  The slow graceful forms of this system bring the body’s functions into harmony and calm the mind, making your life more efficient and peaceful.  Tai Chi practice promotes sensitivity and calm control in all situations.

Tai Chi Forms: Beginners will be introduced to a simple Tai Chi short form that will give them the feeling of the basic principles, posture, flow and energetics.

Intermediate and Advanced students will have form-improvement sessions that are not style-dependent.  They will also have the option to study fan forms, weapons and Tai Chi partner sets and Push Hands.

Qi Gong:  All retreat participants can share in the morning and evening Qi Gong sessions. Qi Gong exercises are the foundation of a healthy, vital life.  They are the core foundation of the Tai Chi practice.

River Dragon Chi Massage: Arnold will lead us through an easy, clothes-on, massage form in the evenings to relax and replenish us at the end of the day.

In accordance with the healing aspects of Tai Chi, the camp provides healthy, delicious food and plenty of time for relaxing.  Enjoy nature, friendships and swimming in the lake.

Hajime Harold Naka is on the left and is an Urban Daoist rebel with a cause... and effect. He has been studying, practicing and teaching QiGong - Tai Chi - Daoist philosophy and meditation for thirty-five years. Hajime is a certified senior Tai Chi instructor and double gold medalist at the Chinese Canadian Martial Arts Championships. Hajime lives and teaches in Kelowna, BC.

Arnold Porter is a Jin Shin Do Acupressure teacher and lifelong student of the healing arts and ­Qi Gong. His flute music bring us gently out of our dreams in the morning.  His River Dragon Tai Massage teaches us to relax each night. Arnold is the producer of the DVD ‘Everyday Qi Gong’.

Sifu Bryan Knack is on the right...began studying martial arts in the mid-70s, he then turned his studies to Tai Chi and Qi Gong. He had two training centers in Portland, Oregon, with 2 of his masters from China. In 2007 he was inducted into the USA Marshal Arts Hall of Fame as Chinese Martial Art Master of the year. Sifu Knack offers study in Tai Chi Yang Style, Tai Chi Chen Style, Qi Gong, Bagua, Push Hands, Weapons.

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