David Gyurkovics

A Universal Tao Instructor, David has over 20 years of experience in Taoist internal practices. He is a practitioner of Chinese Shamanic Medicine, Acutonics, Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist Internal Organ Massage) and student of Japanese Acupuncture. He emphasizes breathwork as a basis for healthy living.

Hajime Harold Naka

An urban Daoist rebel with a cause & effect. His body, mind, spirit Qigong – Taiji has been healing, empowering & liberating society, since cell at a time, since 1983.

James Lowe

James Lowe is intrigued by nature and how it inspires the mindful teachings of the Buddha. He was authorized to teach Dharma by Spirit Rock Meditation Centre and is also a counselling psychologist. At heart, he is an adult educator with a passion for making this teaching accessible, pragmatic and fascinating. James is third generation Chinese-Canadian who grew up in Vancouver. He works in private practice and teachers at a number of institutions.  James Lowe [email protected] www.jameslowe.com Tel/txt 604-432-7600 James Lowe [email protected] www.jameslowe.com Tel/txt 604-432-7600

Minke de Vos

Minke de Vos, Senior Universal Healing Tao Instructor and Medical Qigong Master Therapist, has devoted over 35 years to practising and teaching meditative, healing and movement arts. She and her partner offer retreats and Qigong Teacher Trainings in beautiful nature. As co-founder of Sacred Femininity teacher training and author of ‘Tao Tantric Arts for Women‘, she is passionate about evolving her soulful, creative-based work. She is internationally known as one of the top teachers of Qigong and Sacred Sexuality.

Santosh and Annie-Claude

Santosh and Annie-Claude: With over 15 years of experience exploring the spiritual practices of India, including Bhakti yoga, Santosh and Annie-Claude lead groups in the ancient, devotional, musical, meditation called Kirtan.  They have been invited to play in many festivals and yoga studios around the country and have been leading Kirtan on a weekly basis in their village in Quebec for over ten years.  It’s a very popular event with dozens of people coming every week who leave feeling lighter and happier. They continue doing this because they feel the profoundly positive effects in themselves and witness it in others. It…