Santosh and Annie-Claude

A little more about our dear friends, Santosh and Annie-Claude:

With over 15 years of experience exploring the spiritual practices of India, including Bhakti yoga, Santosh and Annie-Claude lead groups in the ancient, devotional, musical, meditation called Kirtan.  They have been invited to play in many festivals and yoga studios around the country and have been leading Kirtan on a weekly basis in their village in Quebec for over ten years.  It’s a very popular event with dozens of people coming every week who leave feeling lighter and happier. They continue doing this because they feel the profoundly positive effects in themselves and witness it in others. It is a powerful and effective spiritual practice that is integral in their lives, so dear to their hearts, and something they are very happy and honoured to share with us. We are honoured and blessed to share them with you!!

Here is a link to their bandcamp page

Here is a link to a video of them and their beautiful music.