Monika Lawrence

Gardener & Chef

Brief info

Let me introduce myself as Monika Lawrence, originally from Switzerland. I grew up in a skiing town called Davos where I met my husband Denys, a charming Canadian boy, many moons ago. We got married and had a son. When Noah was one month old we packed up and headed to Canada. After driving across the country, we landed in Nelson. Next move was to Vernon and on to Silver Star where we have lived, worked and played for the last 30+ years. Silver Star has been good to us and we are leaving with one eye crying. During those 25 years we put roots down, made connections. The other eye is laughing in excitement and anticipation of the new chapter in our lives to unfold.

Over the years I heard a lot about the retreat center and I knew of Angele and Richard through the Issues magazine that Angele used to publish. In August of 2021 I set foot on the property for the first time, and immediately fell in love!
I would think most people do. There is such a harmonious energy, full of grace, serenity and beauty.

During my eleven day stay at the center, I learned that it was for sale. Denys and I have been looking for the right property for some time and I knew then and there that our search was over.

So here we are now, part of the team, the new stewards of this beautiful piece of paradise!

We are committed to build on the legacy that Angele and Richard left. Continuing with the hosting of retreats of all sorts in the spirit of creating community. Offering people a place of healing, a place to come, and disconnect in order to reconnect with nature and themselves. It’s a beautiful thing, come and experience for yourself!