The Forest And Its Healing Capacity

The Forest And Its Healing Capacity

The forest is full of magic. Each day the sun shines through the canopy and casts different shadow and light on young flowers and ancient creeping moss.

Walking through these enchanting spaces activate the imagination. Opening our senses to that mysterious feeling we get of familiarity – that we have been here before, we recognize the sound of the wind rustling the leaves, we follow the gentle paths of deer and bear, we hear our lineages voices in our hearts.

We Hear Our Lineages Voices

Healing is outside of time. Walking the winding trails of the forest also exists in timelessness. Each breath taken in this liminal space is nourishing to our energetic bodies in ways we cannot fathom. There is a secret communion between our spirit and the trees that repairs each of our wounds, human and tree alike.

As we walk through these vast ecosystems we feel their aliveness. Everything has a faint glow in our vision, the colors are vivid and seem to reach out to us. Asking us to walk softer, to listen more intently, to let our fingers linger on the leaves as we pass by. In these subtle ways the forest communicates with us, asking us questions, telling us stories, singing us ancient songs, that even though we have forgotten the language, subconsciously we take in, letting it inform our next step, our next breath, our next thought.

All that the forest asks of us in order to heal amongst it – is presence. Every moment here is an in between moment; an invitation in its most organic form to reach out, breathe deep, and listen. To trust that one step after the other is the way through and that we are not alone in these steps. The earth rises up to meet us, and settles back into itself when we pass.

Curiosity is a doorway. When we give our imaginations a chance to explore, as we explore our forests, we can learn so much. Healing isn’t always gaining more words, or more organization. Sometimes healing is staring into the chaos of nature’s patterns and natural designs and emerging with a new sense of wonder and peace. Healing in the forest is surrendering to the mystery of life.

-Sabrina McGibney

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