Twin Hearts Meditation

by Master Choa Kok Sui

The aim of this particular meditation is to activate the heart and the crown chakras simultaneously.

There are many ways of activating the Heart and Crown Chakras. One of the most effective and fastest ways to activate the two Chakras is to do meditation on Loving Kindness, or bless the whole world with loving kindness. By using the heart and crown chakras blessing the earth with loving kindness, they become channels for spiritual energies, thereby becoming activated in the process. By blessing the Earth with loving kindness, you are doing a form of world service. By blessing the Earth, you are in turn blessed many times. 

It is in blessing that you are blessed.
It is in giving that you receive.
This is the law!

Before doing this meditation, please familiarize yourself with Master Choa Kok Sui and his teachings in general and specifically this particular meditation.

The procedure:

  1. Cleansing the Etheric body through a short 5min. exercise
  2. Invocation for divine blessing – “Creator/ Creatrix, I humbly invoke Thy divine blessing! For protection, guidance, help and illumination. With thanks in full faith!” You can use your own here if you wish.
  3. Activate the heart chakra. Press the front heart chakra with your fingers for a few seconds. To facilitate easier connection with the chakra. Bless the Earth with loving kindness, you may visualize the earth in the palm of your hand.
  4. In your mind repeat this Invocation for divine blessings; To the supreme creator, to the divine father, to the divine mother, to my spiritual teacher and all spiritual teachers, to the holy masters, to all saints and angels, to the spiritual helpers and all the great ones. We thank you for your divine blessings, for your guidance and your divine love. We thank you for the sweetness, illumination, divine oneness, divine help and protection. We thank you in full faith.
  5. Activate the crown chakra. Press the crown with your fingers for a few seconds to facilitate concentration on the crown chakra. After the crown chakra has been activated concentrate simultaneously on the heart and crown chakras and bless the earth with loving kindness several times. This will align both chakras, therefore making the blessing much more potent.
  6. Recall a happy event, take your time, re-experience the exquisite feeling of sweetness. Your heart energy center is a being of love, gently, lovingly smile at your heart, speak words of sweetness to your heart. Wait for the response.
  7. Focus on your crown chakra now and do the same. Take your time.
  8. Raise your hands at about chest level with your palms facing outward. Silently repeat after me; Creator make me a instrument of your peace, where there is hatred let me sow love, where there is injury help me to give healing, where there is despair let me find words of hope, where there is doubt let me give faith, where there is darkness shine your light through me, where there is sadness let me give joy. Bless the whole world with Light and Joy.
  9. Memorize the following prayer:  “ from the heart of the creator let the entire earth be blessed by loving kindness. Let the entire earth be blessed with great joy, happiness and divine peace. Let the entire earth be blessed with understanding, harmony, goodwill and will to do good. So be it! From the heart of the creator, let the hearts of all sentient beings be filled with divine love and kindness. Let the hearts of all sentient beings be filled with great joy, happiness and divine peace. Let the hearts of all sentient beings be filled with understanding, harmony, goodwill and the will to do good. With thanks…. So be it!”
  10. While mentally saying this prayer visualize the aura of the earth becoming a dazzling bluish pink. Visualize all people with difficult problems smiling, hearts filled with hope and faith!
  11. When blessing the Earth with harmony, goodwill and the will to do good, visualize people or nations on the verge of fighting each other reconciling. Visualize these people putting down their arms and embracing each other. Visualize them filled with good intensions and the will to carry out these good intensions. This blessing can be directed to a nation or a group of nations.
  12. When doing these meditations remain neutral and not obsessed with results and expectations!
  13. Release excess energies by blessing the earth with light until you feel grounded. Otherwise the etheric body becomes congested and the meditator will experience headaches and chest pains, even Illness in the long run!
  14. Give thanks to the divine Providence and your spiritual guides. Exercise for another 5min. to further release excess energies. *This is important!*

The whole meditation is about 20 minutes. Not counting the 5min. of exercise before and after, please do this on your own.

The different segments of the meditation will be indicated by the ringing of a prayer bowl

A word of caution: this meditation should not be directed to infants, children or individual persons. It is possible that they might be overwhelmed by the intense energy generated by this meditation!

The Twin Hearts meditation of loving kindness is particularly powerful if performed by a group of people. The Center therefore will offer this meditation on a daily basis at 6am starting May 19. 2023 We hope many will join.

Should you feel so inclined we gladly accept donations in sacred reciprocity.

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